XR600r It's Alive! But it gurgled? And a few other problems.

I bought a 1993 XR600, cheap, over the winter. It wouldn't idle off choke, too lean. Rebuilt and re-jetted the carb. Kicked and kicked, I couldn't get it to stay running. I readjusted the float and checked the spark. The spark was weak so I got rid of the resistor in the plug cap and installed an iridium plug. It fired up on the second kick and idled smoothly. I let it warm up and ran up down the street. This thing rips! Not CR500, front wheel to the sky scary fast, but I think with enough space, it might reel in my old CR.

I put it up, and when I went back to the garage, about twenty minutes or so later, I heard a gurgling sound coming from the head. Is that normal?

Also, I can't get the right exhaust valve cover off. The PO rounded them off. The intake cover on the same side broke into pieces when I tried to get it loose with channel locks. I already have a replacement, but I can't get it to budge. I'm afraid to crack the head. The left side covers don't have this problem.

Thanks in advance for any help


I'll take a stab at this.That gurgling sound may be a plugged up crank case vent and it could the sound of air pressure escaping along with some liquid past the rings or the blockage in the vent.I had something similar happen on an old DR370 that I had for while when I hooked up the vent tube to a blocked off port in the air box,oops.As far as the valve cover goes try tapping it with a hammer to just shock the threads sometimes that aids in cracking loose stubborn parts.

the frame on that bike is full of oil. as u ride the oil & air in the system gets shaken up, alot. causing little bubbles throughout the oil, no problem. the oil goes into the frame to cool. the resivoir also allows increased fluid capacity, which leads to longer oil life/ greater protection. when the shaking stops, the oil bubbles gather, getting larger, then making it to the surface. thats the easy part of ur question.....:applause:

the bolts? ugh.

start w/ wd-40, lots of it. put wrench or socket on it, apply rotating torque, and hit it w/ a hammer @ same time. dont break it, putz.

still wont budge?

get out the center punch, this is ugly. u'll need new bolts. bury the tip in bolt head near edge w/ hammer, & tap ccw.

u broke it didn't u? putz. :eek: go to the hardware store. get an e-z out. they come in sets w/a drill bit & reverse tap. $4-8. drill center of problem bolt w/o hitting surrounding threads. follow directions on package, should come right out.

also buy a new tap to repair any thread damage.

or take it to the dealer and let them do it. whats a hundred buks?

i had a 91 xr600r, scott somers replica, friendly fast and strong like a bull. wish i kept it. good luck w/ yours.

As already pointed out, the gurgling after shutdown is not uncommon. For the rocker arm cover caps, use the six-point the Honda tool kit wrench or similar. As beezerjoe said, tap the cap gently with a hammer while putting on some pressure with the wrench. When replacing the caps use new O-rings and just snug them down, you already know what overtightening does.

Thanks guys, The gurgling sound had me worried that I had over filled the oil. I did a filter and oil change. But, when I loosened the flare fitting coming from the oil strainer nut in the frame, it turned out the previous owner had cross threaded it. I tried to get it back on, but it wouldn't hold. I bought a new strainer nut and good used oil lines for the fix. I drained what oil there was in the case into a two quart container, then added oil until just under two quarts, to replace what had leaked out. I don't think the PO had any wrenches, because there are teeth marks on everything, ugh.

I've got the replacement cover ready, if I can get the old one off. I'll try some penetrating oil and the hammer while twisting. I didn't try the oil before, because there should be an o ring before the threads. It may be gone, and the reason it was cinched down to begin with. Although, there were o-rings on the three I have had off. I appreciate the help! I would like to adjust the valves before I do any lengthy run time.


I got it off. Couldn't find my PB Blaster, so I drilled a hole in it, and used a punch to get it loose. Now for my first valve adjustment.


dont use channel locks

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