Steering head bearings

I have a 06 yz450f with 19 hours on it and was going to repack the steering head bearings and was wondering if it is hard to do and where to find info on how to do it.

Thanks for the info> much appreciated!

You'll be surprised how nasty they are I bet... i do mine every 15hrs. It's really not too hard to do. I follow the twmx article, too.

When I did mine recently (an 05)the bottom bearing was pressed on and did not come off until I damaged it enough to where I needed another one. $20 plus parts and the dealer pressed a new one on for me. Dont be surprised if your's is on for good too. Next time I'll just flush and clean it while it's still on.

how long can i expect this to take if i m doing it for the first time?

I'll let you know sometime today when I do mine>Its my first time to.

Got my steering stem bearings repacked. allthough the bottom bearing was really on the bottom part of the stem so I did not take it off I just took some more grease and more grease and more grease until I had it all worked in and placed it all back on.......Took me about 2 hours taking every thing off and repacking the bearings.

u dnt really need to take off the caliper and wheel..i just follow the TWMX article..but just pull our the tubes together..that way i dnt have to take off the wheel and caliper and worry about lining up the forks...

i have to agree its not that hard to do..i inspect and grease the wheel,linkage, and headstem bearings every season

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