A while ago I bought a Dr.D full system from a fellower TTer. I installed it with almost no problems. The only issue was that the subframe was slightly bent (previous owner) and so I had to kinda muscle the muffler into place. Not a whole lot of effort but there was some involved. It was fine...or so I thought.

Today while at Durhamtown Plantation (btw, AWESOME place, you could spend 8-10 days there and not get bored) I was on the track and I was hitting everything. There were a few jumps that were kinda hard landings but I didnt think anything of it.

Well my dad waved me in because they were closing and once we get back to the car I realize that the head of the bolt holding my muffler in place had broken off. :lol: :lol: :applause::eek: So I must've done a few laps with it like that because there was a HUGE dent and a hole in the bottom of it where it nailed the silencer and some deep scratches on the side where the tire and the brake disc were hitting it. The header pipe is also bent because the muffler wont even move back to where its supposed to be even when I try and force it.

What do I do? Do I cry, save up more money, and buy a new subrame and exhaust system? Or do I try and get it repaired. I can get pics...... the dent in the muffler is about 4 inches deep and the hole is about the size of a pen cap. The header is jacked up and I dont know how to describe what its doing.

1> Calm down a little

2> Contact Dubach Racing Development. They may surprise you. Worth a try.

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