warranty on a wr?

I thought I read about someone getting a Warranty from their local dealer on their Wr if they had the bike serviced at their dealership. Has anyone had this in California?

That is a gimick that dealers use to make more money. Just do your maintainence and forget about it. Usually those warranties will not cover very much anyway....save your money...buy good oil.

Warrenty's are a joke for anything BUT a 4x4 atv. The manufacturer will get out of covering any other off-road vehicle one way or another. Don't get mad at the dealership over it. They get paid one way or another. Most of the time they will do anything to get something covered but when the Rep wants pictures, he/she will find something they don't like. I've heard of them going as far as testing oil.

I had my wife's RMZ250 warrantied when the crank failed. The shop in Roseville said that Suzuki covered it under "goodwill" becuase the bike looked well taken care of, and of course they asked me all kinds of questions, but in the end it was covered.

I really wanted to know if anyone has heard of a shop that did this. You have to pre-pay for your first however many services, and they will warranty anything that would be covered under other normal warranties.


I think it depends on your relationship with your dealer. I buy all my bikes (and 2 honda generators) from the same dealership. I know 2 of the salespeople buy their first name. I recently had some work done on my WR450 tranny, and the dealer was able to get Yamaha to pick up the cost of the parts.

1 hour, 10 miles or one crash, which ever comes first!

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