just ordered 230 (YES...230!!!) Kouba T-Handles!!

Can you believe this...I CANNOT!

Norm said they should go tommorow, although the "S" may be a problem.

We'll just wait and see!

We're all dying to know how much profit you're making off the black market Kouba business. Are you going to quit your real job? Buy a new bike? :):D

I think I have spent around 60 hours of my time doing this! It is amazing how much time it takes up :) . Just ask my Wife!

On the first order, I took ALL the profits (and then some) and gave rebates to many, and gave away Kouba's to key people of ThumperTalk.

During this whole time, EVERYTHING I DO GETS PUT ON HOLD!

I STILL have not had time to install my own Kouba. The last time I sat on my bike may have been November. My bike is in my walkout basement, so it is not like I don't have an opportunity.

I have been trying to put walls up in my basement, finish tiling 3 bathrooms, install a kitchen sink, fix my snowblower...

My Wife is not too impressed how much I devote my time to ThumperTalk, not just reading it, i.e. these Koubas.

I look for guys whose postings have gone unanswered, I look for postings where I consider myself well informed.

TT is the first thing I do when I wake up, regardless if I am late for work, and the last thing I check before going to bed.

It is because of the considerable time I have spent doing this, that I am done w/ these Kouba's. Next project, JACKETS ANYONE??? :D , will have the manufacturer distribute whatever it is I can get a bargain for us.

I have ZERO regrets doing this as a favor to ThumperTalk, and I am very happy for Norm Kouba and his increased business. But it has been tough on both my family and I.

I need a rest, and I HAVE to get this sink installed :D .

:D Kevin, you are an absolute star with all this! I am sure I speak for all us mere mortals when I say "Thank You" your time and efforts are very much appreciated.

Your good lady must also take a lot of the credit for giving you the free time to sort all of us out....



A Big thanks here as well Kev. I know how crazy all this stuff can be. I have done group buys at some other sites and know the great deal of, ohh who am i kidding -pain in the ass- that this can be. We appreciate it :) thanks!


Thanks again Kevin. A sink...???? I have a little finishing to do in my basement. I'll bet alot of us are in need of sinks. I'll take two in fact. Where do I send the money and how much??? :)

I'm OK for sinks - but I'm definitely interested in the tiling work. I've got at least one bathroom as well as my front entrance that need attention :) ! Seriously Kevin, props to you for for all your hard work and dedication to this site. People like yourself are what makes T-Talk a great place to hang. P.Z.

I think Kevin is getting alittle cabin fever up there in NH!!! :):D:D

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