06 WR450 Rear Suspension binding..

Friends bike is one year old, and now the rear suspension is binding when it's compressed in the garage, havn't had time to look at it yet. It seems to travel so far down and then stop or bind up some.. He has never greased the rear linkage, swingarm, etc.. My first guess is something is seizing up in that area.

If that's the issue, how much are the rebuild kits, and where is good place to order them? Or is there something else to check?

Sounds like a bearing or bearings have frozen. The factory uses minmal amounts of grease for assembly. Pull it apart and it may be just one bearing and the rest are OK and he can save some money by just getting the bearings he needs. I have used Pivot Works bearing kits and they seem to work well. Go through the TT store to purchase and support TT. When your buddy has it down for repair, go through the steering stem bearings and grease them up well with some high quality grease also. The heat from the oil melts the grease in the stem. Good luck.

Pivot Works is exactly what I was trying to remember, I've read all about the bearings and how everyone greases them, I just never heard of actual damage so soon on a new bike, I could understand better if it were 2-4 years old, but this bike is 11 months or so...

I greased mine after 6months and glad I did. Some bearings did not have very much grease in them. The odd thing was the stearing head bearing which is usally the worst was not to bad at all. Anyway, get some grease and lube her up......

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