WR 426 mods

I removed my; airbox lid, exhaust insert, and throttle stop, what a difference! Did any of you guys have to re-jet your scoot after doing this?

I just tried the grey wire mod. I couldn't tell a difference, however I only rode my bike for 5 minutes. (I'm just a "meatball rider" so I probably couldn't tell anyway.)

When I'm wide open and the rpm gets up there, my bike cuts out at the top end, is this the rev limiter in action? I can't believe I'm revving the bike that high.

any feed back would be appreciated


Did you remove the throttle stop or trim it to the proper length? Removing the throttle stop entirely can produce the symptoms you are describing. I belive it is because the throttle wheel rotates too far and the throttle position sensor goes out of range and the ignition goes into base timing.

Can anybody confirm or debunk this??

I can't remember the proper length for the stop. Anybody??

After performing the same mods on my bike I did not find it neccessary to rejet, but it was probably somewhat rich off the bottom. In the SoCal high desert I would imagine the air is less dense than where I am. You should think about doing the BK mod. Check out:


I think the grey wire mod should be done with YZ timing.

Thanks for the info BF, looks like I'm a meatball mechanic as well; I removed the entire throttle stop pin. OOOOPPPs

I'll cut it to length and get back to ya

thanks again

Throttle stop cut down to 23mm or untill the slide just clears the carb opening

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