HELP! Question About Floats!!!!

I have been having fits with my bike and I think I "may" have found the problem.

Does anyone have pictures of how the floats are supposed to go in the bottom of the carburetor? I have mine apart, and based on the pictures in the Honda Service Manual, THEY ARE IN UPSIDE DOWN!

Can anyone please confirm whether the FLAT sides, or the boat shaped sides, should face the float bowl!!!!!!! The service manual shows that the FLAT sides go down and face into the bowl!!!!! My floats have the flat side facing UP and it has been this way for a while based on the stains on the floats.

Please HELP me if you can!

I asked the same question a few days back. No one answered. But I have mine in flat side down, and its running strong. The tapered side forms to the top of the carb. It's counter intuitive, but I think that flat down is correct.


That proves my theory that mine were in upside down, and have been for quite a while. They are stained on the boat shaped side. I just finished putting my floats in the correct way, and adjusting them properly.

I took mine apart and cleaned it good and ordered a rebuild kit (Keyster). It was over a month before I put it back together. Since I couldn't remember, I instinctively put it in up side down. I made so many changes, I wasn't sure what the culprit was. A lot of trial and error led to the float.



Re: I EASILY Whooped A Raptor..

Could it be a float needle seeping at idle but burns up excess when throttled up? Try turning off pet cock after starting & see if it starts to clear up temporarily.

Your welcome

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