GUTS Seat Foam for old tired @$$es like mine

I broke down and ordered this today for my Tall and Soft compound. I hope my One Ind or GYTR Seat Cover will fit it....otherwise it all goes back to Guts for them to install. If I like it it, another will go on my 03 also.

Anyone had experience installing aftermkt seat covers to this foam? Will it fit or not. Guts pushes their seatcovers obvisiously as they will not say what will and what will not fit. So I volunteered to be the guinea pig....:applause:

Was your old seat cover for a tall seat? Unless there was a lot of extra fabric under your seat-pan, a standard size seat cover will not be enough to cover a tall foam and be stapled successfully. There is a good 1 1/2 difference in height between the two foams, the tall covers have proportionately more material.

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