teraflex on the 650l?

I was wondering if the 150/90/18 Teraflex will fit on the xr650l. Dont want to go through the trouble of putting on rim if it will not fit! Will it fit without removing the chain guard support that is on the swing arm? If it does fit, is there any tricks to getting on?

I think you do have to pull the upper chain guard.

You may need a slightly-worn chain or a smaller front sprocket to let the knobs clear the front mud guard.

It will gear the bike up the equiv. of 3 rear sprocket teeth and add 1/2 to 1 inch to the seat height.


A minus to using such a wide tire is cornering ability, with a tire that big it wants to tractor the bike in a straight line. I would reccomend no wider than a 130, a 110 is best for serious offroad stuff though!

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