wheel bearing removal

I was wondering if there is a video, or good manual on how to remove and replace the wheel bearings front and back on a 650l? When replacing the bearings, do the seals get reused, or buy new ones as well? I know to get a tool for the retainer on the rear. I know to get a bearing puller tool to get the bearings. That should get the rear done, correct? What special tools will be required for the front besides the bearing puller?

I've never had to use the "special" bearing removal tool. So far I have always been able to just use a punch or a rod. However, it is possible for the spacer to be so tight that the rod or punch can't get a bite on the bearing. I consider the special tool for the retainer is a must. I made my own, but there is a great tool from Motion Pro that is only $20 or so. The retainer can usually be removed with a punch, but that does damage to the little holes. No other special tools are required for the front. As far as seals go it is always best to replace them, but they can be reused if in good shape and not damaged during removal.

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