new rear tire

I know tire threads have been hashed out but.... has anyone ever heard of kings kt 9661 rear tires how good is it? or is is junk? I ride in central ny so I see everything, mud, hard, sand,snow you name it. saw this tire and tried to compare it with a kenda. narrowed it down to the kenda millsville, the maxxis It desert, or the kings kt 9661 what do you guys think? thanks

kings= TRASH.

I have a Kings tire on the rear of my 250f, Have over 10 hours on it and it is holding up well, but I prefer not to have chinese rubber on my bike... I really like the Michelin MH3's, but they can be a bit pricey. So my next tire will probably be a Keneda Carlsbad, Maxxis maxcross IT, Dunlop D952, or 745, pirelli MT16, something like that...

thanks for the input, I think im going to go with the kenda carlsbad 110-90-19. or the kenda washougal series. both look agrresive hope they hold up as well

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