Chain question: How many links to take out?

Putting a 51 tooth rear sprocket on my 06 yz450f. I have a new Renthal 520 chain that has 120 links including the masterlink. The stock chain came with 114 links with a 14 tooth front sprocket and a 49 rear. So when I put my new 14 front sprocket on and my new 51 Rear how many links will I need to take off by going up two teeth on the rear?..... And on more thing "I dont have a chain breaker" and was wondering what other way is there to cut links out? Need some advice!!!:applause:

I've never tried to predetermine how many links to take off. I've always put it on the bike to figure out how many links to take off. Just put your sprockets on and adjust your chain tensioner so you have plenty of room to adjust for chain stretch. Then put your full length chain on and figure out how many links you need to remove by seeing how many links overlap where the ends of the chain meet.

Ok..... but iam pretty sure I will have to take at least one out. Say if I do!... What other way is there to take links out with out the use of a chain breaker?

I've heard of people grinding the head of the link pin off. If it were me though, I'd just get a chain breaker.

Oops. Double Post.

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