Newbie with 1999 YZ400F suspension questions

I got myself a 1999 YZ400F

its had the suspension reworked by suspension tech.

the problem is that I weight about 260 lbs and the rear suspension feels really soft.

the guy that i bought the bike from was about 180-200 lbs so i am not sure if the suspension was custom to his body weight.

my questions....

is there a way to adjust the rear suspension based on the fact that I am heavier than more riders?

would it be easier to replace the rear spring with a spring that is rated for a rider that is over 250 lbs?

thanks for all the help!!!!

Patrick M.

The problem is that the springs have to be the right rate for the weight range of the rider. Adjusting the preload will only do so much for you. They are normally good for a spread of about 30 pounds, and the suspension will work fairly well with rider 20 pounds heavier than that. You are probably beyond that, and the thing the suspension needs the most is the right springs for you. It will cost you about $200-260 to buy them, and you can install them yourself relatively easily.

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