Sold the 426...sniff, sniff

Well, she's gone. The second baby is on the way, so wife says one of the bikes has to go.:applause::eek: Not my first thumper, but definately my first fun thumper. Sold it to a friend for $2000. Hopefully it's as good for him as it was for me. For not knowing much about high performance 4 strokes when I bought it, I sure picked a good one. Not a single break down or significant problem in over 4 years. It's been a fantastic bike. And to think I almost bought an '02 CRF 450 instead :lol: .


So whatcha gettin now?

So whatcha gettin now?

His wife is with child, so he is getting a new kid...Thats great, congrats on the kid..future riding buddies..

I was nervous about getting a four stroke...but I tell ya, my 01 426 was a good choice..I keep up on the maintenance and its been very reliable..

I,m glad you got a good one. I got a bad apple,I have not got a full season out of my 01 426. First the top end now the tranny. Starting to wonder when to cut my losses and buy a new bike. But the next one might be a 250


So whatcha gettin now?

Nuthin. I've got to be satisifed with one bike, my '03 450. I was toying with making the 426 my off road bike and my 450 strictly moto, but as you can see that idea got shot down. Truthfully, with two little guys, I'll be doing well to ride one bike for a while.

Im in the same boat... I sold mine to an avid motorcycle enthusiast for $2000 as well. Im sure hell be better for the bike than me, since he's a much better rider, but I still miss that bike. Looks like hes having a great time though:


Im happy with my new baby though:


Oh okay. I thought that when you said 2nd baby you meant second bike or something....maybe one of your kids will like riding and it will all be worth it :applause:

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