electrical system

have a 1983 xr500, and it has been acting up lately. the electrical system misfires or somethin. it ran and made this small sneeze sound, until it died, and the carb boots kind of looked as if gas was igniting inside them. then after, when I try to kick it, every time it kicks back, it gets kinda annoying. then I checked the spark with a new plug, and it was very weak.:applause:

Aaron, the most obvious thing I can think of is a timing issue. The kickback and singed carb boots sounds like your engine is backfiring.

One good question to ask whenever a problem pops up like this: have you done ANYTHING at all to the bike within the last 20+ hours of operation? Several times in my sordid bike-maintenance past I've made some change that trigged a seemingly unrelated problem somewhere else.

I am not familiar with the 500's timing setup but if you have an adjustable timing plate, that's the first thing I'd check. Followed by your ECM/ECU.

Unfortunately an ECU is generally difficult to troubleshoot without special test gear. Assuming you have the shop manual that's the best source of test procedures.

Sorry I cannot provide further ideas.

Welcome to TT, Have to agree with internalcombustion, you have timing issues. And as he stated check your stator mount to make sure it has not moved, next would be the stator itself you can ohm it with a volt meter if you have too much resistance, you need the stator rewound (usually more than 15000ohms) though not sure on your particular bike. Good luck, let us know what you find.

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