Exhaust compatibility for 90 XR600R?

My 90 XR600R has a unique exhaust setup.

I believe 88 to 90 used this setup where the twin pipes stay twin right into the muffler.

Nice setup as the headpipes are stainless but the twin pipe inlet muffler is hard to find aftermarket options for.

Am I right to assume any complete system from the motor back will bolt on my 90? And or replacing the headpipes on my 90 with the 91 to 2000 style headpipes to allow the more common muffler style?

Also the 90XR600R seems to use different jetting than other yrs too.

168 main is stock.

Is the airbox different and or the head or ignition?

I have read that the 88 to 90's with the above mentioned twin pipe all the way to the rear exhaust are a little more powerful than the later yrs?

Looking for a lightweight power upgrade for my exhaust and any other tips on simple power ups?

As I said the bike runs 168 main jetting and the airbox is open at the top now.

I went up 1 pilot size for easier starting and cleaner off idle response.

Runs pretty good actually.



Check out XRs only web pge.

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