Greaseing stock wheel bearings on 06 yz450f (urgent!)

After taking the rear wheel bearings out which were simple.....(all I had to do is pull them out by hand) I was wondering how to grease them? They are sealed up. How do you get inside them to the needles to repack them? Do you have to press them out or you just cant grease them. Need some advice cause Iam doin it now and would like to know before I take the front wheel off.:applause:

You do not re-grease the rear wheel bearings. Since they are sealed, you replace them when they are worn out or damaged. The front wheel bearings are another story. They are not sealed and they must be removed from the hub to re-grease them. However, it would be better to replace the front wheel bearings with sealed bearings.

You should be able to pop the seal out with a very small flat screwdriver, pack with grease, then pop the seal back in place. I have done this with every sealed bearing I have installed since they rarely come with adequate grease from the factory.

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