I've recently ridden a WR250, great bike , after spending the day on the 250 and then remounting my WR400, I felt like I was time warped back to my XR600 days....MUST SHAVE LBS.#. Please HELP. I'm a scrawny 220# looking for that mtn bike feel...I've started with a ti yoshi pipe and silencer, that helped, thinking hubs next. Any ideas??? :)

From what I have seen the exhaust, subframe and airbox are the best candidates for weight savings. If I recall correctly, a Ti subframe and carbon fibre airbox will save about 5 lb. After that it gets really expensive.

Where to go for a ti sub-frame for a 00 WR400?

If someone is willing to spend, um, let's see $205.00 + $459.95 + $105.00 + $199.95 + $112.95 + $138.95 = 1221.80 for all the titanium GYT-R parts just to save a total of 3.25 pounds, he must have a REALLY good job. It would cost a lot less just to lose that weight off my fat ass! IMO, it's just not worth it to save that kind of weight. My advice is to crash less and get in better shape. If the bike's too heavy, buy a 2-stroke.

Rich in Orlando....right on !

Also...a scrawny 220!! How tall are you ? 8 foot ? I'm 6'3", 185# am not scrawny also not MrT but dont have too much trouble hefting the bike around in the woods or picking it up (well the 10'th time does get a little tiring.)

Check out the weight training program posted a coupla months ago to drop some weight and put on some muscle !!

I am 5'10 and 225lbs...I agree with Rich 200%....I went from being worn out after 30 minutes on ol blue to being able to duke it out for hours. Ya gotta get up off the lazy boy and onto the blue mule more often if your ever gonna be able to hang with the big boys.

It's not the weight of the bike that's really kicking your butt....50% Is being outta shape, and the other 50% is not knowing how to properly utilize blues power to make up the difference for being out of shape.

From what you've said here, sounds like the 250 might be a better fit for your riding style.

Bonzai :)

I give! I give! ......... The point I was trying to get across was the fact that I very much dig whipping the 250 around like a mtn. bike and was looking to reduce ### on the WR to get the same feel, Even though I may be a pus gutted sloth with one eye and missing 1/2 a foot on the gear side!!!! Thanks for the reply's :)

This is a great post for me. About 6'1 and always weighed 165 (got tired of being called skinny) until the last few years. I'll be 40 next year and ballooned up to 190 2 summers ago. Hover around 180 now. People say, "you look great," but don't need the extra pounds.

I really feal fortunate to have a thin build, but I've ridden with some pretty thick guys that are too tough!!!

If your body type is big, then keep at a good weight for you. If you're a skinny ass like me, then keep at a good weight also. Nice thing about getting older is I think about what works (with my body) more than how good I look.

It ain't about getting girls anymore. Hell, they love bald men just as much.

There is an article on lightweight parts for the YZ250F in this months MXA. Most of their data is valid for the 426 as well. The only pipe that is much lighter than a stock YZ pipe is the DSP complete Ti. Most Titanium pipes are only part titanium. Stock YZ subframe is a lot lighter than WR and can be had pretty cheap. Titanium shock spring will get you an honest 2 lbs for about the same as a ti subframe with hardly any savings beyond the aluminum YZ unit. Headlight & radiator catch tank go away. The odometer and gear lasted about a week on my bike. Put stock YZ spacer next to hub. Most aftermarket Hubs are as heavy or heavier than stock. Got to go Magnesium to lose much weight. Switching to a 19" rear tire would probably be more worthwhile. SDG seat is a bit lighter than stock. Smaller fuel tank will be lighter.

I think the power has something to do with how heavy it feels. The faster you go the lighter it feels.

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