83 XL600R Poor Performance

Hello everyone,

I'm a new member and this is my first post. I am looking for technical/maintenance advice to troubleshoot my situation.

I purchased the 83 XL600R last summer. It had a lot of torque and and could get up to speeds of 130 - 140 km/hr (I think thats about 60-70 mph). I noticed that on some cold start-ups it would initially burn oil. It also had an oil leak present on the cylinder exterior surface; at times it looked as though it was coming from the threaded hole in the cam tensioner shaft.

After putting about 1000km on it in a month things were as usual. I decided to go on a road trip that lasted about 4 hrs traveling at about 120 km/hr. And stupid me didn't check to oil before I left.

So half way in the trip I stopped for gas and I noticed that the cylinder was so hot that the oil leaking was immediately being burnt off the surface.

So I kept driving. Near the end of the trip I wasn't getting very good acceleration and couldn't achieve the speeds I was traveling at earlier - topping out at about 100 km/h.

When I went to do the oil change before the return trip barley any oil came out, about 100 ml (not sure what units you guys would be familiar with but its about 0.2 pints or 0.1 quarts). Im not kidding; I was shocked.

So i filled her up with oil and test drove her. She doesn't have the toruqe she used to, I cant get up to those top speeds and, now there is a horrible ticking noise coming from the head. After doing some research I thought that maybe my timing chain overheated and stretched and this was the cause of my symptoms. But I also wonder if there could be significant cylinder/piston damage.

Sorry for the long story, and I hope this is posted in the right spot. I am curious what others think about my situation. Any advice would be appreciated.


Looks like you need a engine overhaul now, a ticking top end usually meens you have over heated head and it might need replacing.. Crack open the engine and check everything.. Dont ride it anymore to avoid any further damage.

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