RE: Steering Lock Wanted

hey guys, im heading out with my bike on Holidays this coming summer, and wondered about putting a steering lock on it, is it possible? what other anti-theft ideas can you throw at me.......... (i have a stock ttr125 ignition installed, that's it)

One of those alarmed disc locks is really annoying when they set it off at my local bike shop (Blackfoot Maybe one of those Krypton cable locks too. WR Dave.

I had to put a steering lock on mine to get it past the MSVA test to make it road legal.

Its a bracket with a loop that bolts over the front engine mount.

My ABUS U lock went through the bracket then clamped round the fork leg.

You could also use a chain instead of the U lock.


I replaced the standard bolts with exhaust can security bolts, not shown in the pic.

Take it easy


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