broken 06 trans

my son somehow broke two of the side cogs off the 5th wheel gear.

Any one else had a tranny problem? Anything inside I need to look for that may have caused this to break?

It has a small fracture in the top of the case that I think I can patch up. The rest of the tranny gears look okay. It did damage to both balancers. The one held on by three screws sheared completly off the gear. Does not look like anything made it up top to the cams.

I am guessing the cogs broke 1st.

Any advise?

Let me try a more pointed question.

If the trans failed first. What would cause the side cogs to break off?

Maybe missing a shift and jamming it into gear? But this was the 5th gear

wheel. I do not think this bike has ever been in 5th.

The lugs on the 5th gear wheel don't engage 5th. Those on the outboard side of the gear engage 1st, and those on the inboard side engage 3rd. Full power shifting while running over something rough, or landing from a jump with the revs up and the throttle backed part way off have been known to cause this in the 4 speeds. This is the first broken '06 5 speed I've heard of. Congratulations (?) :bonk:

Thank you

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