Anehiam SX comes on ESPN2 at Noon Eastern!

Just a reminder to all you guys like me that only like to know who wins when it comes on TV, ESPN2 will be airing the Anaheim (sp?) SX at 12 est - 9am Pacific.

Just thought I'd let you know in case you forget like I do! :)

p.s. And then the 125 class airs right after the 250.


It's actually on. :)



I woke up at noon (midnight shift), punched up TT, saw your post, flipped on the tube, inserted a tape, had ANOTHER glass of whine, went back to bed. Got up at 4:20pm, showered, came BACK into work (12 hr shifts).

This will be the first SX I have seen in a very long time!

Thanks again!


No problem Kev.

Not to mention it was a awesome race!

Much more fun to watch when you dont know who wins. :)

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