Has anyone tried

the Rekluse clutch in their XR650R. I'm thinking of getting one. I know you can't bump start it if it stalls, but i'm more interested in knowing your overall impression of the clutch if anyone has one in thier "R". Tommy

Mine was a piece of junk. I do have a 680cc enige and raced it. It would work well for the weekend worrior, trial rider. The new generation should be much better. It completely dissangages also like a regular clutch. Mine did not hold up and came apart at the end of one season.

I think the rekluse would work well for super moto duties, but the offroad application would be better with a non slipper style of clutch, though I must add most of the top pro mx racers use a slipper clutch. If you read the Ciao from Italy thread you will see that Piero (RC30) is installing one in his R model for super motard duties.

Pastrona was using the Rekluse Z Start in his DRZ400e supermoto and hated it. Nothing but trouble. The DRZ and the BRP have simular tranny's and don't make clutchless shift well at all. They are not made the same as the CR/YZ/RM tranny....they are made backwards. Same just in a different order. The Rekluse Z Start is not a good choise for any kind of racing in these bikes if you do not let off the fuel and take the time to let the rpm's drop enough for the clutch to disengage. If you are down shifting early for a turn or dropping two as you leave a big drop off into a wash (at a good speed) you are making clutchless shift with the Z Start and you are screwed. If you learn to take your time, you can make the shift but, then you aren't racing....For trail work or crusing around the street and taking the time to let the clutch dissengage the Recluse Z Start is great. It you are using full power of the bike the Rekluse Z Start will come apart in time. I can show you the parts and why. The throw out bearing is not near strong enough in the rekluse and once it wears the pressure plate will rip apart your clutch basket. Mine came apart in one season. Yes, under the most power and hardest conditions but, a real clutch wouldn't come apart or do the damage the Z Start will.

The "z-Start Pro Clutch" looks like it would give you the best of both worlds but, I haven't used it yet to see if it has the same throw-out bearing problem but, from the picture I have seen it looks like the same Throw-out bearing is used. I have spent a lot of time on the phone with the owner of Rekluse.....

Then there has to be another manufacturer, all the super motards out there running slippers with no issues, would have heard something by now :applause:

The rekluse isn't a slipper clutch. They are 2 different types of clutches. You can put the rekluse equipped bike in gear (at idle) without pulling the clutch in. It sits there until giving it gas (centrifugal). A slipper clutch works like a regular clutch, except that it keeps the rear wheel from skidding (slipping) upon deceleration. Last time I checked, they still don't make a slipper clutch for the"R". Tommy

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