Edelbrock Carb-no comparison

Agree!!! Second best thing I did to my bike (first is the Rekluse)

I have to agree I ride my bike from 1000' to 8000' and have no problems:ride:


Very cool, i do have some serious envy!

ya i've been running mine for a few wks now and i gotta say its a heck of alot better carb than the fcr ever thought about being(you just have to take the time to dial it in,but once there thats it no more fiddlin). i posted my findings on the jetting forum and was told flat out by the moderater that they were crap and he locked the thread...somethings wrong with that picture. maybe the fact that he makes his living dialing in undialable carbs had something to do with it?

man the power is so electric now..it just starts right off the bottom and you can grab as much or as little as you want without any hassles. starts up 1st kick even when hot. what more can ya ask for:thumbsup:

I've heard the power delivery is a bit mellowed with the Edelbrock. What're your opinions? Just when I think I have mine dialed in, it seems like the thing will get finicky with just a change in wind direction. I'm beginning to think FCR stands for this Frickin' Carb is Retarded!...SC

its only as mellow as your right hand wants it to be! i think that confusion might stem from how smooth it works...i'd say its the closest thing to fuel injection without actually being fuel injected. the only complaint i have is that when set up for optimum performance it pops a little on decel,but after hammering on it for 1/2 hr when the bike is good and warmed up it goes away....which is actually good because i had to reach down and lean out my FCR about 1/2 way thru a HS because it becan to richen as the motor heated and you could not start out lean enough to compensate. to each his own but i for one love it,even if it actually did give up some HP on the dyno(i can't tell) its well worth it:thumbsup: now as a disclaimer i do run a crower G1 intake cam so that may influence the performance:excuseme:

Who says dirt bike designs aren't stymied by political or money mongering, self-serving opportunists. Its so sad, similar to software operating system development, that THE BEST components can't be integrated by manufacturers from the get-go. Like about EVERYONE else I've pumped a lot of time and money into my NEW bike in order to make it how it should have come from the factory....I guess the dollar rules everything, or maybe its just who is licking whoes b_lls.

in the pics the throttle pulley is exposed. any concerns with it getting gummed up on muddy rides?

I ran a Quicksilver on my WR for about a year, It was an awsome product.

I could lay my bike down running and pull it under a downed tree without it stalling.

Eventually though it developed a Hanging idle. for the life of me I could not get rid of it. I also run a Rekluse clutch and the hang idle didnt get along with the auto clutch very well.

I have since gone back to the FCR and sold the Edelbrock. Kidna pisses me off that I couldnt figure it out because it did run and start awsome.

Im with you guys, FCRs are a pain in the ass, I dont rejet for anything any more I just run it. It aint worth the hassle.

I've never ridden a bike with an edelbrock carb, but the fcr seems to do a nice job for me... I don't know what everyone complaines about... but then again I have jd jetting and dont change anything year round but the fuel screw. I guess i'm lucky!

Duncan Racing has been pushing those carbs ever since 99 when the 400ex came out. I hate the idea of having to pay for maps because I'm sure when FI really gets main stream we'll have to pay for them just like buying jets but I'll be glad when its that easy. I've really been paying a lot of attention to the way mine runs over the last few days since its been 75-80 degrees here. My wife's TRX450R got so rich that wide open was all it would do yesterday and it doesn't have the FCR. She got the clutch so hot that I couldn't pull any more cable out of it. My WR wasn't as bad but didn't like much. I still have to get the AIS off and a YZ needle is on its way. Maybe that will make it easier.

I ran the Edelbrock carb on my XR 650 and it was one of the best improvements I did on that bike. So far I've had pretty good luck with my FCR but rejetting is quite a chore.

what size are they? larger? same? and how much $$$$$$$$$$$$

I hate the idea of having to pay for maps because I'm sure when FI really gets main stream we'll have to pay for them just like buying jets but I'll be glad when its that easy.

At least with sportbikes, good maps can be downloaded for free from the websites of any reputable exhaust company. You just need a Powercommander (or similar fuel management system) and a computer. But since every bike is a little different, if you really want it tuned perfect you need to get it on a dyno and have the map tweaked to meet your bikes needs.

So no worries. If you just need your bike jetted "pretty good" you shouldn't have to pay for it.

So what's the cost? What do you need to do to make the switch? What kind of time investment are we looking at to make a switch like this?

Anybody do the 100$ Zip-TY carb deal?

The YZ guys are sayin:thumbsup:

Anybody do the 100$ Zip-TY carb deal?

The YZ guys are sayin:thumbsup:

What would that be?


what size are they? larger? same? and how much $$$$$$$$$$$$

from thumpertalk store:

List Price: $445.95

Our Price: $401.36

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