I need help....Magura HYMEC clutch

Is this clutch not worth putting on or what? I bought it off ebay slightly used but looks brand new in box like 2 years ago or so and never installed it, its just sat in my shed. So I was going to put it on and try it out this year but now ive gone and read up on this HYMEC clutch and it seems there was a lot of problems???

Another thing, I drained all the mineral oil that was in out because I figured id put fresh in since Im not sure how much it was used? Anyways do i HAVE to have the magura service kit for filling and bleeding... I didn't even think before i drained all the oil i just figured it was like brakes and you don't need anything speial to fill or bleed. But now on closer inspection I see there is no bleeder valve... :applause: is it like bleeding brakes can you just crack the bolt on the slave while depressing the lever to let air out then re tighten then keep depressing lever to get air bubbles out the top???

i thought i read somewhere the was a way to fill and ableed without this service kit does anyone know?

bump .

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