Is it the right oil filter?

I changed the oil awhile back in my 03 450 and there was a filter i found in the garage that was for my dads 350 big bear. I read on the back that 450s and 250s and a couple of others would also take it.

It was a fine metal filter other than the usual paper ones. Is this reusable, and is it safe to use in my bike because it said there are some years that it wouldnt work on on the back of the box

It was a yamaha filter. I dont have the part number though.

NO!! You need a 5ta-13440-00-00. The one you are using is a 1uy-13440-00-00:prof:

What is wrong with the one that I am using?

Cant I just use the one that is for the 426's why does it matter, and what diff does it make?????

i use the 426 filters on my 450 and have since my bike was new; the paper filters offer to much resistance especially if theres any moisture in your oil.

The 5TA filter was the OEM "paper" filter for the '03 and later models. The 1UY filter is the OEM brass mesh for earlier models. They are completely interchangeable, and many do use the brass mesh filters in later models.

Paper filters, which are more accurately called fiber mat media, since they are rarely made of real paper any more, filter some very small material out of the oil. They also only filter some of the larger stuff. On the whole, they can be depended on to filter particles of about 20-30 microns. The do offer more restriction to oil flow then mesh filters, and will often bypass during cold starts, in which case the oil is temporarily not filtered at all.

The brass mesh filters flow very freely and can be cleaned and reused if you're careful (they're fairly delicate ). The downside is that they only filter down to about 70-80 microns.

A third option is a Scotts stainless steel mesh filter, which has the high flow and re-usability advantages of the brass, but is much more durable, and filters out everything larger than 34 microns on the first pass.

Will the magnetic plug get much of the small things that the filter misses?

By the way that was just the kind of answer i was looking for thanks a lot

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