Need suspension shims

Hi all, just picked up a 02 650r. At 220 lbs I figure it needs some help. Anyways have decided to go the Borynack route and fiddle with it myself. Hav the springs coming and need to think about shims. Called Bruce and he was nice enuff to giv a shout back and what a wealth of info. I was thinking desert rider setup but he reccomended I go with the baja 1000 setup, sounds cool so i'll run with it. Anyways looks like I need about 5 shims. As I really don't need 40 shims at $70plus shipped does anybody know where I can buy just the 5 I need??

Thanks Alex

What are the OD, ID and thickness? I may have some.

word, i have some shimms in my shed that i can look through and you can HAVE, if you just pay shipping.

MX-TECH sells them separately.

Outstanding guys.

Its so funny the second time I went thru it I came up with less shims???

I'll probably be short something so here it goes (if you want to throw in a couple extras of different sizes I'll mail the leftovers back).

for the front it seems I need


one of the .15x21

for the rear it seems like


2 pieces of .20x39mm

one of the .15x38mm

I'm going the Borynack route with the baja 1000 front end

and the same on the rear marked as best all around

Visit Borynacks page seems he fishes and hunts too, maybee he wants to go kill an elk this year???

Anyways thanks guys if you hav some mail me and I'll get out my address in SoCal...........Now where do I buy that maxima oil?? do you use the same oil in the front and back?

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