05 wr450 stuck in 3rd gear

Hello Everyone, I'm new to this site, a friend told me about it. I have an 05 WR 450. I was riding last sunday when I noticed my bike wouldn't shift out of 3rd gear. The clutch still works because I can engage and disengage the engine. The shifter isn't bent and it has not suffered any kind of an impact, I am unable to move the shifter by foot or by hand. Anyone out there ever had this happen and if so what was the cause. Thanks to all for any help.

The same thing happened to my '95 YZ (2nd gear, 5 miles from truck!) I pulled the clutch and found that the main bolt that attaches the external shift mechanism to the drum had come loose and the mechanism was bound up, I checked everything and it looked ok, put some locktite on the bolt and put her back together, its been fine ever since, cost me a clutch cover gasket and a housing gasket, under $10, pull your clutch and look at the shift mechanism, if its ok, I'd suspision bent shift fork(s), but I am no mechanic........

might have bent shift forks.

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