Which One?

I have decided to purchase some type of new exhaust but want to keep my expense down to a minimum. I have narrowed my search down to two different systems based on what I read from this site and the intel I read from some of the magazines. My goal is to achieve a little more low end grunt. The choices I have narrowed it down to are the full MRD system for about $400.00 or the FMF megabomb header less slip-on; "will use my stock slip-on in this application" for about $330.00. Which one of these two and why? Thanks for input!:applause:

If it's one or the other, I would pick the Mega Bomb. It will give you what you think you want and keep the bike quiet. When you sell the bike you will be able to go back to stock and get most of your money back from the FMF. Personally I would spend the money elsewhere. Tires, Chain & sprockets, oil & filters, broken parts, you know all the stuff you have to have to ride.

Dont forget the thunderalley its 350 for the header and muffler.

My buddy got an MRD full system for his CRF450R and he was very pleased with it. He said that when you call to make your order you tell them what you want and they will make it according to where you want the power.

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