Just couldn't do it!

After reading about the 300EXC and talking to a few owners and riding buddies I thought it was the bike for me. :lol: Recently, I had an electrical problem with my 426 and it has been in the shop for a week or two on and off trying to identify the problem. :lol: Being a bit frustrated and finding a loaded 2003 KTM300EXC for $3200 on craigslist, I decided that I would go buy the 300, then sell my 426 when it was fixed.

My 426 is sweet, loaded with lots of trail goodies including a Rekluse, 3.3 tank, PMB kick it, all guards, saw mount, you name it I have added it. The bike is in great shape and I could have sold it easily for $3400 in our area. :lol: I figured this would cover the cost of the electrical problem and there would be no net loss on the 300, a good thing as we have a baby due in 6 weeks.

So, I picked up a buddy on my 1:45 drive to look at the KTM. Along the way I picked up the cashiers check and had the straps and ramp ready to haul it away. The 300 was in sweet condition, the owner seemed very meticulous with a nice garage and beautiful house, I was in like Flynn. The bike had it all, damper mount, newer tires, handwarmers, guards, computer, etc. I got the bike started and it ran pretty well, took it out for some hot laps around the neighborhood.

From what I had read the 300 would make comparable power to the 426. Maybe in peak HP, but definitely different power. I immediately became depressed after feeling the weak bottom end and began to think about our dune runs all winter long. My 426 is just too much fun in the sand and desert. I have a ton of fun on my 426 in the woods, even if it is a little heavy. Hillclimbing is just too damn fun on the 426 :goofy: I couldn't take it :lol: I AM KEEPING MY 426 :eek:

I am sure the 300EXC is an excellent singletracker, it has lights, a flywheel weight, kickstand, soft suspension, and an 18" wheel. But, there is no comparison in the power department! The 426 is just too much fun as a do it all bike! :applause:

The mechanic left a message and the electrical problem looks to be less than what he thought it was, just a TPS problem, not the stator as originally expected. Should get my baby back early this week and clearing trails on Friday. :lol: Did I mention that I love my 426?


:applause: hail to that:worthy:

You should just start shopping around for a 450.

isnt that the wild horse monument by the gorge? can you really ride there? how is there to ride?

Indeed that is Wildhorses, you can ride there if you know the right people to take you to the honey hole. Check out the NW forum.

I am considering a 450 in the future, which one is still up in the air. But for now I will keep railin on the old 4 2 6 :applause:

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