Xr650l Side To Side Connecting Rod Play?

I tried searching to no avail so here i go... I have the top end freshened up on my XR650L and noticed that there is a significant play if i move the rod (without piston on it) side to side approximately .10 of an inch both ways. Is this normal? There is also very minor scoring on the intake side of the cylinder and piston. Is this because of the side to side play? I am planning to have the cylinder honed. Any advice from the gurus will be greatly appreciated.

It seems your way out of spec on the big end connecting rod side clearance standard clearance is 0.006-0.018mm or 0.0002-0.0007 inches Service limit is 0.05mm or 0.002 inches. Straight out of the Honda manual.

I hate to say it but your going to have to split the cases to fix it right.

Good luck let us know if there is anything else, we can help with.

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