White plug too hot?

Only the flat tip of my electrode is white with the insulator and surrounding area being tan. Am I too hot? 07wr450 with all mods, 48 pilot, 165 main, under 3k feet. Seems that my jetting is similar or the same as others. What do you're plugs look like? The bike flat out rips!:applause:

Mine is always pure white and its not running lean. Its hard to tell on these particular bikes by plug color but if you have any color at all, I'd say its not too lean and maybe a little rich. The color also corresponds with how much throttle it had when shut off which most likely is the pilot circuit indication.

Where do you ride that's "under 3K feet"?

I have all of the free mods done with a pmb insert and I run a 168 main. The 170 was too much and it sounded and felt fat when I rode.

I live in Los Angeles, at sea level and its a bit difficult to start when I am at my hose. I have to turn out the fuel screw and up the idle a little.

But in the riding areas (Johnson Valley, Spangler, Cal City, Gorman, etc...) it runs and starts up perfectly. Usually, I start out at 2500 feet and go up from there.

My experience is that the 165 mj may be just a little bit lean, especially at your elevation.

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