06 yz450 feels like it wont fully rev?

i have a 06 yz 450 i just recently put in some hot cams did the AP mod and jetted for elevation 4200 ft. went riding today and have noticed that it does not want to rev all the way it feels like it hits the rev limiter really quick or somethin. i had a buddy ride it and i was listening while he climbed a hill and i kind of sounded like a vw or a tractor it just sounds kind of wierd comming from the exhaust. other than that it runs fine. just wondering if i need to maybe jet it different i played with the main size i thought it was maybe a little lean so i richend the main two sizes and it still runs the same. do i need to maybe get aftermarket exhaust with the bigger cams now to move more air or should the stock exhaust be sufficient. thanks in advance.

did u ride the bike after installing the cams,jets, and ap mod...or did u just throw those parts in and just recently ran the bike?

yes, i rode it before and after but after i installed everything i was riding the sand and never really got to open it up on a road but yesterday i really noticed it. i did do the ap mod just before the last ride though so i dont know if that has anything to do with it?

Sounds like it may be a little rich on the main jet. Try going a little leaner on the main and see how it feels.

i did that yesterday i was running a 170 last ride so i put in a 165 yesterday and thats when i noticed it running like this. so i thought it was running lean so i put the 170 back in and it did the same thing. when i was climbing a hill it would kind of pop just a little on the top also.

Double check cam timing....

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