Help wth my 2006 650R rear fender.

Hello all

I have cracked my stock rear fender and want to replace it with a rear fender that looks more aggressive, such as the rear fender on the Honda 450. Has anybody had any luck finding anything that will work or done anything like this?. I've searched everywhere I can think and no luck. I do have the street kit on it if that makes a difference. As always appreciate any help!

I've never seen it, probably do to the stock fender is sort of molded around the air box and the sub frame. Not that it can't be done somehow, but be careful with the airbox, the tire swings right by it.

I know a front fender off a 450 wont work, it is too wide and pinches the boots when fully collapsed.

Bruce Borynack did a CRF450 (?) to XRR graft.

Check his web pages.

Basically a cut and splice.

My rear fender (96 xr600) is just held on by two bolts. Its not molded to an airbox or anything, you can pretty much make anything work, it may not look good but you can make it fit if you really want to.

can someone send me a workable link to Bruce's webpage? thanks

They're down; he had some server issue and it got nuked.

Try a PM instead...

It is a 1996~2002 CR250r FENDER THAT FITS BEST. I am having so much trouble I think I am going to use a different address for the site and try that tonight.

Well anyways the two fenders are grafted together and works out real well in the end. I did not like the idea a first because I thought it would just snap off in a crash. Well, it was a fix for a brock fender from after a major, go to the hospital crash and after the fix I have had two more of the major go to the hospital crashes and the new rear fender setup helded up much better then the stock one. Might be because it's not as close to the ground and so close to the tire?



thanks for the reply Bruce, and let us know when your website is back up...



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