YZ400 WR Carb Problem,Too much gas.

That's right, just ask him (Taffy) :):D:D:D

We love you man :D


gotta keep you all up'n on your toes boys!

bob 'n weave, bob 'n weave!!!!

your all in peril boys, we're getting more and more like the KTM site every week.

does my bum look big in this, guy? :):D

never fear i'm still here.

Taffy :D:D:D

:) Taff, from where I'm sitting...your Bum looks fine ! ROFL!! :D

By the way...I hope you've rushed out and bought a load of new , Yellow and Blue riding KIT....cos I know You're colour conscious! He He He! :D:D

"the king is in the altogether, the altogether, the altogether"

only the finest, finest yarn dear man!

whadya mean "you're stark bollock naked"!!!




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