What do you think it's worth?

2005 Yamaha WR 450

I am looking to sell everything as a package and want to know what you all think it is worth. This bike can be used as a true WR, Super Moto bike, Motocross bike or as a street legal daily rider. I don’t live close to any super moto track and just flat out don’t time to ride motocross any more. So it is time for me to part with my bike and all of my gear. I have always stayed on top routine maintenance like oil changes and air filter cleaning. Usually after two rides and I have always used Motul 10w/40 4-Stroke oil. This bike runs great. There are no dents or any damage to the frame, radiators, exhaust can or head pipe. Actually I cannot think of any thing wrong with this bike other that the fact that I don’t ride it. Please let me know if there are any questions I can answer. Everything is currently set up for dirt riding and the graphics you see with the dirt set up are the ones still on the bike.

The List:

• Stock Excel’s powder coated black

• Stock tires front and rear

Braking front wave rotor

Leo Vince X3 Exhaust

• YZ cam and timing change

• YZ main jet

• Baja Design street legal kit (Baja Kit was installed by my local dealer)

• YZ front fender

• YZ rear fender

• YZ number plate

• 40, 45 and 50 tooth rear sprockets

• 14 and 15 tooth front sprockets

• Pro Wheel blue aluminum gas cap

• Frame guards

• Cycra hand guards

Acerbis hand guards wired with turn signals

• Promoto Billet kick stand cut for super moto set up

• Promoto Billet rear rack

• Lockhart & Phillips license plate frame with turn signals

• Front and rear axel sliders for super moto set up

Acerbis super moto front fender

• All stock WR parts including bars, exhaust, front and rear brake rotors, owners manual, WR front number plate and WR rear fender

Trail Tech LYNX dash

• Black 17 inch Excels front and rear

Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier rear 160/60R 17 (two rides)

• Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier front 120/60R 17 (two rides)

• Gold Talon hubs

• Motomaster Flamed super moto rotors front and back

• Black Arai XD Helmet size Medium

• Shift two piece super moto suite size Large (56)

• Sidi Super Moto boots size 11.5 with new sliders







I'd make you an offer right now... pm me if interested!

So... no one can tell me what they think everything is worth?

I would say that bike clean as you say it is in dirt trim is worth $3500 - $4500 depending on the time of year and location. The super moto kit and extras would be cheap at $2500. Problem is you have to find someone that wants to dual sport (meaning race) the bike at a novice level. Any serious racer either way would want a newer bike. Also, in dirt trim the cut kick stand is usless. I would advise selling the bike in dirt trim and selling the Moto kit seprate. as the dirt parts are easily found as used stock parts. I did not see if you have a second set of rims for dirt or not. The moto rims are worth 1K with no tires or rotors.

Nice bike. I want to do a similar setup with mine but Im not spending $1500 for rims, brakes and tires. A stock set of rims wiht street meat will make me happy.

For now!!!! hahahhahahaahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

BTW, you almost ALWAYS make more money parting stuff out. If you have time and know your product. By more I mean between 66 and 200 percent more. Have time now? LOL

I think what WR_Jason is trying to say is that, in his opinion, the complete setup is worth between $6,000 - $7,000.

That would seem about right to me - you could probably get that much for it in California. You definitely could if the bike actually had a plate on it, and not just the street legal kit.

I agree that you can get more for all of it at the end of the day by selling at least some separately, especially items like the supermoto suit, helmet, and boots. Including stuff like this rarely increases what you get for the bike, but can bring in decent amounts on Ebay.

Just my $.02.


thanks for all of the info, and the bike is plated.

Hmmm. If I knew I could keep the plate in California I would be tempted. In any event, I would love to know what you end up getting for it.

Oh boy if I had the cash , and could sell my bike fast enough I would pick that bike up and the whole deal. I am looking to Super Motard mine and keep it dirt. Don't mind the no kickstand thing cause well as a true dirtbiker we don't need no stinking kickstand. Lotsa trees out here to lean it on. heh.

Lemme know if you ever come up with a full price. :bonk:

My question is... why do you not know what your own bike i worth?

I was trying to make you an offer, and recieved no response what's up with that?

If you want to sell your bike...PUT IT UP FOR SALE AND LIST A PRICE!!!!!

Quit playing games on here, everyone is gonna tell you somthing different... only you know how much you've put into it!

I bet you its some dudes wife trying to rake him over the coals in a Divorce or his punk kid trying to sell it for his next meth fix.

CSI TT into action! :bonk:

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