how can I make sure my oil pump is working?

I don't know a lot about bikes, but if the oil makes it into the frame, when I check the level (in an 04 xr650l) then can I assume that the oil pump is not fried?

I just want to know because I heard that a similar problem I am having... is caused by wrecked cam due to a faulty oil pump.

My problem is that my bike will sometimes falter (as though someone was flicking my kill switch back and forth a few times) this especially happens when i apply the gas after coming out of a long downhill.

I did just do Daves mods, so I hope it is just a jetting tweak issue.

If the oil sump (frame) is getting hot, then that is a good indicator that the oil is circulating, and the pump is working. The problem that you describe is most likely a result of one of the changes you have made to the bike with the jetting update. Perhaps a little fine tuning is in order.

Find the external oil pipe that supplies the head. It is on the right side and goes from the top of the right side crankcase cover to the back side of the head. Loosen the top bolt about 1 turn or until it is free. Start the engine. Oil should leak out. If it does then your oil pump is working. If not then there are problems. It can take a few seconds for the pressure to build.

If the bike is running the oil pump is working, if the bike runsand then siezes then your not getting oil (or some other catastrophic condition). I know it sounds kind of basic, I agree that it is most likely a carb/fuel problem. Engines usually only sputter when they are not getting gas. And its only doing it when you brake hard? deffinetlly sounds like your starving your carb for fuel or maybe your just running low on gas, Either way good luck

Once I'm on the gas, there is no problem...It's just when I havent been on the gas for a while, when i reapply it, the bike hesitates for a second, like someone hit the kill switch, then flicked it back on.

It actually is dangerous because I noticed it when I had to lift the front tire over a downhill cross ditch...

Thanks for the reassurance that it probably isnt a fried cam...:bonk:

I still have some tweaking to do with the carb, this was kind of my test ride after some mods...

A 600 or 650 single cylinder is a huge volume and cracking the throttle without a pumper carb will cause a cough or hesitation until the fuel catches up with the huge volume of air just sucked in. This can be relieved with proper jetting but not cured unless you spend the $ on a pumper. Otherwise, this is the cost of riding a big displacement thumper without a pumper...

Thanks to everyone who replied...

I spent some time tweaking the bike, including the smog block off.

It turns out that the needle in the carb was not set up right (I forgot the washer when I switched jets.)

I put in the washer, and now there is no abnormal hesitation. Wow...what a difference since the Dave's mod and the smog block. More power yes, but much better and smoother power!!!

hat's off to Dave!

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