650r max preload

I'm looking to maximize my preload untill I get a new shock spring. I have the shop manual and it gives a standard length for the spring when installed (9.31 inches) but it says to refer to the owners manual for tuning the pre-load....which of course I don't have, and can't find an electronic copy on the web yet.

My question is does anyone know how far down I can crank down the spring to get the max preload? Ive tried searching but can't seem to find the numbers.


Stock Standard: 9.31 in (236.5 mm)

Minimum: 9.07 Inches (230.5 mm)

Maximum: 9.6 in (244 mm)

So for max pre-load you can crank it quite a ways - it's like 1/8 inch per turn.

Thanks abby thats exactly what I'm looking for.

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