no front brakes after winter storage

:bonk: hey guys, i have an xt 600 not a tt but i thought it might be a generic problem. i took my 1990 xt 600 out of winter storage and i have no front brakes? fluid was full and the lever moves very easily. I took the front brake master off the bike, it had a bit of gum in the corners of the resevoir, but it all looked good.I cleaned it all up with solvent while moving the plunger to make sure it was clean all over i then worked fresh brake fluid in all the holes to make sure all solvent was gone. i then reinstalled it, filled it, and pumped it up but it doesnt build pressure. no air or fluid out of the bleeder.i disconnected the line at the calliper and as i pumped the lever i could hear it but no fluid would come out of the line? any suggestions are greatly appreciated. thanks a bunch, ride on!

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