Stuck hot start on 07 WR450

This weekend I had a little incident with my hot start, it stuck on. After not being able to unstick it on the trail I was forced to return to the truck. I put on my surgeons gloves and dove in. I first removed the seat, then tank and then the top motor mount plates. At that point I could see the cable entering the carb. I removed the plastic nut to find the cable lose in the spring. I was forced to remove the cable from the plunger before I could get it to drop properly thus closing the hot start feature. Unfortunately, to reinstall the cable I had to pull the hot start back up again. After a couple of tries I was able to reattach the cable and put everthing back together. And you guessed it, as soon as I did that, it stuck again. This time I was able to get it free by messing with the cable. My question, has anyone else had this happen? I could see no reason for this to happen. I have about 120 miles on the bike so far.



Lube the plunger. An EXTREMELY light coat of silicone spray on the O-ring ought to fix it. Lube the cable as well and clean the hot start passage with carb cleaner. I had the same issue and this process cured it...SC

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