Squeeky Wheel!

Just finished replacing front wheel bearings. I think I went a little overboard cleaning the hub and the trip-meter gear assembly. When I reinstalled the wheel, there is a most hideous squeel and friction from the tripmeter. I took it off and packed it with grease but doesn't seem to help. Any ideas?

Can this unit be replaced with a YZ axle spacer or will it not mesh with the hub properly?


I haven't changed mine out yet, but I had the same problem you have now. I ended up packing with regular automotive grease. I cleaned that out, and had another go with some molybdenum grease and that seemed to make it go away.

Anyways, as far as I know, you can get a YZ hub spacer and it will remove that nasty odo. hub if you want. Do a search for "yz" "hub" and youll find it. Someone even lists the part #'s and it comes out to like 27$ from my local yammie dealer.

Personally, im going with a setup i found @ http://www.terrycable.com . They appear to have some other really nice toys over there as well but their spacers are like 20$ a set, and (IMHO) are perhaps a bit nicer then stock YZ's.


I replaced my odometer hub with a YZ seal and spacer. The seal has to be "jammed" into the space where the odometer flange is on the hub. There is an aftermarket spacer available at http://www.flatlandracing.com. Look under catalog, then speedo eliminator. I did take the front wheel to South Valley Motorsports and they told me that the odometer flange doesn't come off of the hub to simplify the process.


If it doesnt squeak why remove it ? 25 $ for a SPACER ? Just shove a bung over the end of the connection and FUGGEDABOUDID!!


Why.....Possibly because it looks much better and most impotantly, it removes unsprung weight.

The stock YZ spacer and seal should all slide right together.


Took me about 10 minutes from disassembly to completion. Easier to clean and maintain. My seal tapped in with a socket, no problem. Next to the Kouba the easiest mod I did.

Thanks Bill.....

Bonzai :)

"most impotantly, it removes unsprung weight"

Oh, come on now...

Well ya know.......5oz's is quite a bit of weight when your as old as Bill is.....

Every gram counts after 40.....

Bonzai :)

:):D:D:D I resemble that remark :D

Bill :D

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