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Here is a fun one... I'm ready to get more out of my bike. It's a 2005 WR 450 and it's not had anything done to it. It's pretty stock. The shop I bought it at said that he had done all the free mods (throttle stop, air box, etc...) although, nothing was done to the exhaust. What are the best things I can do to get more power out of my bike, and how much of a difference will each change make?

First, verify the free mods were done, dealers lie. Next, either gut the stock pipe or get an aftermarket system. Then, jet the bike properly. You can then put in a YZ exhaust cam. Another option...try a big bore kit. Finally, KTM 525...SC

When I bought mine they had changed the throttle stop and cut the grey wire.

I can only speak for myself.....but after the all of the free mods and a slip on muffler, I don't need anymore power. It's got plenty everywhere. If your short on cash, go with the PMB insert and start saving for a new muffler.

I just bought the White Brothers E2 and am very happy. A lot of our fellow TT'ers are also going with the Dr. D. Check them out. You won't be sorry.

Something is not right there dude. Check and ensure the dealer did the mods. I am bettin he pulled the throttle stop and that was about it. Pull your seat and ensure he pulled out the airbox limiter in there, air-holes in the right kick panel and, indeed pulled the grey wire. Let alone the jetting. Also, pull the exhaust restrictor out of the end of the muffler. TT sells the insert.

Just cause a dealer says it is so, doesn't mean it is. They are there to make money not give you freebies. A buddy out here when he got his just had the throttle stop pulled out. Still had all the pollution crap, insert and grey wire with stock needle.

Check your six, then take her out again.:bonk::naughty::D

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