What Triple Clamp-mounted handguards will fit a WR426?

I broke my cheap RM ATV set of Tusk brand handguards with one good fall. I'm thinking about changing my Renthal bars to some Pro Taper type and need some new hanguards. I want some handguards that mount to the triple clamps instead of the handlebars both because of strength and because they handlebar mounts clutter up the bars too much for a dual sport like mine.

Who makes handguards that mount to a triple clamp that will fit a WR426?

Steering Stabalizer? This will influence your choice.

No steering stabilizer, unfortunately.

I would like to have one but I only plan to keep the bike for another year or so before I upgrade to a used KTM 525 EXC.

Cycra Pro Bend are the brand of choice on the forum. with stock triple clamp they work great. the side clamp mount puts them in the perfect position. If you go to the high rise bar mount you will need to use the handlebar mount to keep the correct positioning of the hand guard for protection.


I have been very happy with mine since I installed them after a crash that exploded an Acerbis Rally Brush and sent me to the Hand Specialist for treatment.

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