stuck in neutral help

I was riding this weekend and while climbing a hill I stalled out well when I got turned around and started the bike back up it just reved and when i clicked down to first nothing. The shifter clicks and the drive gear even moves a little but the bike just acts like its stuck in neutral. I pulled the clutch out and the plates look good and theres plenty of pad left on the clutches. The bike is a 99 yzf400 if anyone knows what this could be please help. Oh also there was no noise or warning that something went wrong.

Will it go into second?

no it makes the click like its going through all the gears but just sits there.

With the clutch cover off, and the clutch assembled, put the bike in gear and turn the rear wheel. If the clutch is at fault, the pressure plate will turn, but not the basket.

tried that when i first started looking at the clutch and even in gear i had to hold the assembly, basket and all to get the bolts from the pressure plate loose to look at the clutches themselves.

If it will kick start, the primary gears are OK. If the basket and the rest of the clutch will turn as a unit, but not rotate the engine, the cushion unit that couples the clutch to the primary gear is broken, and you will need a new basket assembly. It will have to be an OEM unit, since the aftermarket ones us the OEM gear and cushion.

that sounds right because it just seems like the tranny is disconected from the bike.

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