4 Stroke/2 Stroke/4 Stroke/2 Stroke/YZ450

I am constantly changing my mind on which bike is better for the tight gnarly single track that I ride. (Comfort and fun factor also a large part of the equation). I weigh 225 with no gear and I am now thinking about getting an 07 YZ450F, and setting it up for off road. Large tank, suspension, possibly a rekluse clutch. Any off roaders out there who have such a weapon that would like to brag ....er comment on their aluminum framed monster. I don't want the weight of the electric start models... WR, XC, CRF-X, EXC.

The button is nice, but there is no hiding the weight when things get agressive or tough.

Have you ridden the new WR450? Don't rule it out until you do.

If you just won't ever use the lights or the e-start, you can take them off and save them and the weight, which isn't as much as you think.

Consider: It has a larger tank already. It has a heavier flywheel already. It has softer, enduro style suspension already. It has a wide ratio trans with a good, low first gear and a 5th with serious legs already. All it needs is a YZ exhaust cam and a couple of tweaks. Something to think about.

But you could make a YZ450 work, too.

If you're riding a track there is no comparison - the YZ is the best bike available. I mostly ride tracks also but do a little desert riding and trailing. I bought a FMF slip on with a spark arrestor and my YZ does just fine everywhere! I have raced my YZ both motocross and TT without changing anything but the exhaust and taken it off roading the next weekend. Love mine!

You didn't find the suspension too harsh for off-road?

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