Steering stabilizers

I know this has been discussed in the past, but I'm looking for some more input/opinions from people that may have just started using them. What do you guys think, worth the money? I ride 90% mx, 10% trail. Thanks guys:thumbsup:

Depends a lot on the bike. My '06 really doesn't show any signs of needing one. It's very stable at speed over the roughest ground. My '03 is another matter. It has a pronounced tendency to have the front end slapped off to the side when it hits a sharp bump at any kind of angle at speed. Gets ugly sometimes. I'm thinking I'll get one for it.

I've got one on my 07 yz450. It helps with deflection of the front wheel if I hit a rut crooked on the way up a jump face or on fast straights with rough chop. I set it light and don't notice that it's on, but I had it off for two rides and really noticed it's absence. The younger fast guys don't like it cause it hampers their scrubbing techinque over jumps and aren't bothered by the front end dancing around some.

I guess it depends on the bike/rider. My 426 is extremely stable compared to the KTM's that I used to ride. I don't think a dampener would benefit me.

I've got one on my '07. I put it on mostly to CMA (CYA) in the desert and sand. On a recent sand trip I was frequently coming down dunes, across bowls, up the other side, and then arcing back down again in 4th and 5th gear. It's sometimes difficult to see where the bad ripples will be, or others' ruts. There were many occasions where the front took a deflecting hit at high speed and I felt the bars move but remained stable. They felt like they would have moved much more without the stabilizer. Would this have resulted in a slapper, maybe, maybe not. Also, on pure flats, there is less bar 'float' movement, which means less arm pump and more confidence for me. On my last woods single track trip, a riding buddy mentioned how much he was having to pull his RMZ front back on line due to rock and root deflection. I feel that my work was considerably less with the stabilizer. I've only done a little MX style with the bike so far so unable to offer insight there. is having a sale right now. Before there sale, TT store was the best and the route I went (110% price guarantee).

if your only riding offroad 10% of the time i would say that you dont really need one.

If anyone has a used Scotts they want to sell, send a PM, please. :bonk:

If anyone has a used Scotts they want to sell, send a PM, please. :bonk:

funny...I have one (had it since 1999) and I can not make myself sell it....keep holding it for that woods bike again....:naughty:

hey buddy, hands down, get one. the first bike i bought, i did all the normal stuff, i did a pipe, new graphics, colored rims, cool looking stuff all over, then did a stabilizer last. well, now a days, dude, i do 2 things and 2 things only. i slap on a stabilizer and re do my suspension to handle my weight. that's it. today's bikes are totally awesome, no need for anything else. it is the rider more than the machine. as for brands, well, i use gpr, but many friends have scotts. ur call from there good luck

I use a GPR on my '00 426. It needed it, especially in deep sandy washes (unless your riding WFO all the time). I think of it more like insurance.

id get a scoots if i did it again

Thanks for all the input guys:thumbsup: . I'm going to get one (scotts):bonk:

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