ok,couple questions.1.how come on the classifieds it says u cant post wanted to buy items.:bonk: so.....ive searched the posts and read,read,read and now im really confused:banghead: so....2.what wheels will bolt right on my 01 xr650L,also...WANT TO BUY ..HAHA...set of wheels for the above mentioned bike..would have put that in the class. but noooooo.... thanx

You do not state whether your looking for off road or super motard wheels. But heres a link for the cheapest place I have found for wheels (new ones)


i appreciate the info,and i am going tobookmark the site but what i was actually after is info to maybe find used wheels ,but i mean,some say the xr 600 fit ,but the fronts are diff.can u put the 17" from an xr 600 on the back,but the front wont work.does it have to be for the 650l.all i want is ,the stock rims i got are set up for street,but i want a set set up for adventure riding.thinking ab out the trans am. trail, and i want a set of more agressive tires for that and maybe 17"on theback for the offroad stuff. but all the searchs ive done ,i get conflicting info,so i thought i would ask...but thanks again for the site it could come in useful in the future.

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