Looking into getting a 2005 WR450 any suggestions?

I just got my 05 WR450 about a month ago and it has been great. Starts on first kick even after sitting a week. E start works great although after running it for more than 10 min I always use the hot start. My buddy has an 05 YZ 450 and says mine is the first 450 of any type that can match his acceleration. I have the Pivot Pegz, AVS brake and clutch levers, boysen hotshot, Dr.D muffler and have never had a problem. I am very impressed with this bike.

I ride mine in CA desert and love it. Only problems were from tightening bolts to tight, not using torque wrench. I've always changed oil, cleaned air filter, kept bike on battery tender. Its a little heavy compared to YZ 450, but I like the E-start.

whats the differences between the '04 and '05 450?

how about the rear fender. i hate that big light and how the the fender bends down. would like a motocross fender but also would like a rear light, possibly led. any advice would be appreciated. someone told me a 2007 yz fender and would just have to drill new holes. is this true?

As far as the problems with the starter is there any after market parts or starter that can fix the problem? Also is there anything you can do to prevent the starter from going bad?:worthy:

Hi. I have a 2005 WR 450. It is the first enduro bike I own. Previously I have ridden (borrowed) a Suzuki DR 350.

I can tell you that the WR has all the power you will ever need. It has a crazy "top end" power, and the torque is OK as well. They actually changed them, i.e. the 2005 WR has more torque than the 2004 bike. I read about this on the web, haven't prooved this change myself :banana:

As for the starter, I have 2 simple rules:

1) I always cold start the bike using the kick start. This saves energy on the battery. As I often ride through tough terrain, I need to have all the e-start I can get in tough conditions (when choking down in the middle of a steep hill etc.)

2) I always turn off my bike, using the ignition button (key) rather than the emergency button. I.e. my bike is road legal. I used to just turn it off using the "emergency switch" but by doing so, I sometimes forgot to turn of the ignition key - which resulted in a flat battery every 2-3 weeks. That is the worst thing one can do to the battery.

Also during winter (long - "no use" periods), you should use a battery tender.

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