Best 50-50 tire for XRL?

I'm loving my new 650L. The stock tires seem to be O.K. but wearing pretty fast. Is there a general recommendation for the XRL if you do equal road and dirt?

I saw Metzler Sahara 3 looks like it might work but I'm really new to this.


Kenda K270's are an aswesome 50/50 tire.

That's what I was just looking at. Better that the 850's? Wear?

I have a Kenda 270 on my XRL and it's wearing really well. almost 2,500 miles and still going. I commute often, ride RR tracks and ride woods. I will say that in sand and in mud it's pretty lousy. Here in New England I need a more aggressive rear tire for the muddy spring that's coming. For street use and when it's dry off road it's awesome.

I'm running a Dunlop 606 on the rear. I think the 606 is more like 80-20 tire but I have no complaints for on road use. I usually commute about 60 miles for work with it. Offroad it is great except for muddy conditions, my experience is the lug do not clean out all that well. Like Wheelnut said "muddy NE spring is coming" so I may be a frustrated rider sliding around

I've been running a non-DOT dunlop knobbie but am looking to replace with a DOT tire.

Continental TKC 80 is worth a look. I have tried the Kenda K270s, OK on pavement and packed dirt, no good in mud.

I am on my second set of Dunlop 606's can say they do nothing well but are okay at everything. I may try the Pirelli mt21's next.

I've had the Saharas front and back and they were good on the road and ok on the dirt but mud you can forget it. I am running Conti tkc80 front and rear and these tires are better than the Saharas on the road and in the mud. I am still amazed how these things (contis) can be this good on the road.

I had the Dunlop Trail Max on the rear of my XL, it was good for the occasional blast throught the woods & everyday road riding.

im having a hard time findin tires for the 18" rear wheel,wider than a 120,i like at least a 130.anybody have the same problem

Maxxis 6006c, or the Metzler karoos. Those are the best 50/50 imo.

I am surprised there have been no responses for the infamous

Pirelli MT-21's....I carved mountain twisties and offorad single track for 3K on my last pair(front ok rear was toast)...truely Dual-Sport in my book!:bonk:

I used to run the Kendas on my DR350, the 650L seems to eat them though. I'm now on my 3rd. Pirelli Rallycross rear tire and my second front. I love them. Little noisy on the road but great offroad.

MT21 aka RallyCross :bonk:I can ride anything on those tires and at a good pace too.

I think I've got 600-700 miles on my set of MT21s maybe more. The rear still has plenty of side knobs but about 50% worn in the middle front is pretty good a few knobs wearing funny from running like 12psi on a 20mile slab ride at 80+mph (oops). The bike will even do an indicated 90mph with those tires. I run my 17" wheels with Avon Distanzias for 90% of the riding I do (Commuting to work; hooligan in the city and blasting twisties and some gravel roads north of the lake). I put 8000 miles on my L last year so MT21s woulda been outta the question as a full time tire at their wear rate.

If I had just 1 set of wheels and just 1 bike the MT21s wouldn't be my first choice of tire, though. It all depends on what kind of Mileage you do, where you ride, your riding style etc etc. I know off-road I wouldn't be happy with anything less agressive than the MT21s. A good tire for me isn't necessarily a good one for you.

tkc 80 , D606 and Mt21. To date its the best 3 Ive tried when I had my Ktm 640 Enduro. 4-5000km out of them. That bike was a tire eater. Next one I will put on my 650L will be the 606. they should last much longer Cause the L has much less punch than the Lc4.

I took my first ride on new front and back MT-21's today and they ROCK!!

Stay away from the Karoo. Worst I ever try. They grip well new but the new status on them last only a few hundred miles/km's....Not worth the price.


the 606 was good, and so is the K270s I have now. Just ordered another set of the Kenda's. 606 was a bit better off road, but mileage seems better on the K270s. only hard to tell with my tripmeter that resets at 99.

Oh well.

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